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Hey, welcome to this page.

I’m going to fill this out in more detail later, but I wanted to make this a place where I can offer my services for free (donations welcome) or at-cost.

Basically, here’s what I’m offering… I’m a web developer. I build websites. I also do all kinds of IT stuff, like setting up custom email addresses, you name it… so if you need help with any of the following, hit me up:

  • Web development services
    • Expert consultation (always free)
    • Domain Registration ($12)
    • Hosting set-up ($10/month)
    • Web design / development ($0 or by donation)
    • Custom email ($0 or by donation)
  • Other services
    • Podcasting (teach you how to record, edit, and publish to Spotify and Apple Podcasts for free)
    • Simple graphic design in Canva (free)

Where are these prices coming from? There are certain costs and mandatory fees that you’ll need to pay. I’m not marking these things up to make a profit, the price you see is just literally what it costs.

What does $0 or by donation mean? It means you pay me what you want. I typically charge $50 an hour, but you can pay $0.

Are you really just going to give free services to just anybody? No. My initial consultation is always free, and based on our consultation you and I will decide if we’re a good fit. I may not have the time or resources to do any work for $0, so I may have to turn people away or tell them to wait for an opening in my schedule.

If you have any questions, reach out.

Click here -> Schedule a consult.