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Mike Battaglia

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I don’t just build your website for you. I build it with you, and teach you how to use it.

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The difference is empathy.

There are plenty of talented people out there who can design and develop a website, but as a business owner, you’re looking for more than just tech skills.

You’re looking for someone who can communicate, collaborate, and even educate you and your team on how to actually use your website effectively.

I don’t just build your website for you. I build it with you, and teach you how to use it.

Training methods include live workshops, personalized tutorials, and screenshared design and development work, all of which can be adapted to meet your specific needs.

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Projects and Reviews


“He’s a wonderful communicator…”

Where to start?! I’ve been working with Mike for about 5 years and have no intention of ever changing that. He’s the only developer and all-around tech expert I trust with my business! After several unsatisfactory experiences in the past with other developers, I was apprehensive, lost, confused, and just frustrated. With Mike’s continued support, my business has grown. More than simply a developer, I think of him as my virtual business’ “technology architect.” He goes above and beyond helping me to continually streamline and innovate so that my business works for ME! I have so much more energy and time to focus on doing what I love, rather than worrying about the technical aspects. He’s a wonderful communicator, prompt, honest, dependable, and gives 200% (and then some) to everything he does. I HIGHLY recommend him.

Devon Ray Battaglia, MS, AHA


Lowe Consulting, LLC.

“Without these tutorials, I doubt that I could have ever made it through the process.”

Mike had been referred to me as someone that is good at web design, easy to work with, and a very nice guy. I found this characterization to be severely understated. Mike has consistently demonstrated superior technical competence, responsiveness, dependability, patience, and politeness. And, he has been a totally delightful person to work with. The entire process of Mike’s implementing the renovation of my website could not have been better.

I commissioned Mike to renovate my website in late December, 2021. Even with Holidays and income tax time, we finished the process and went live with the much improved website in mid-March, 2022. Considering how much was involved, I thought this was amazing.

Through every facet of the process, he has consistently exceeded my expectations. An example is the video tutorials that he provided for creating blogs and for editing the finished pages. Without these tutorials, I doubt that I could have ever made it through the process.

After the website went live, then came the totally unexpected Post-Project Review and Website Performance Analysis. These summary reports are demonstrations of Mike’s attention to detail. In summary, now that I’ve seen website, I am delighted and look forward to sharing it those that I have been trying for so long to reach.

Having enjoyed these months of working with Mike and the superior final product, I can highly recommend him to anyone that needs the services of a first class web designer.

John M. Lowe Jr., PE

Embrace Creatives

“He is everything I look for in a collaborator…”

After working with three developers over a five-year span, I am beyond grateful to have found Mike. He is everything I look for in a collaborator; professional, timely, courteous, imaginative, curious, intelligent, forward-thinking yet with a sense of humor. While the other developers I’ve used were only concerned with completing the task at hand and didn’t ask a lot of questions, Mike thinks of the future and growth of my website and plans for it. If I had my druthers, when my business scales up and I’m able to hire full-time staff, selfishly I’d want him on my team, permanently. That’s how happy I am with; his development capabilities; his ability to discern where issues are coming from and fix them quickly; the network he can pull from if outside help is needed; his organizational methods; and plugin knowledge, etc… I would recommend to anyone building a small or large website (like mine) to interview and hire Mike Battaglia – but only if you want superior service and a respectful business relationship.

Andrea Bogart

Northwest Monitoring

“He is a fabulous communicator and I felt confident…”

Mike is extremely professional and always ensures to satisfy the needs of his clients. He goes above and beyond to explain the website edits he is making and his video tutorials on editing are very helpful. Whenever I had a question, Mike would get back within an hour of reaching out. Overall, I highly recommend Mike if you want to hire a website editor. His attention to detail and the effort he puts in to helping his clients will guarantee your website will look spectacular. – Camila

Mike was really easy to work with. He is a fabulous communicator and I felt confident that we were on the same page throughout the entire process. The website came out more slick than I had even envisioned. Mike even sent us a tutorial so we are able to maintain it on our own. Fabulous experience. I highly recommend working with Mike Battaglia! – Emily

Camila K. and Emily R.

Nourished Journey

Emily Piazza, MS, RDN, CD


More Reviews

Mike held a wonderful webinar for the basics of WordPress. Not only did he demonstrate a great breadth of knowledge in the different roles and how WP is structured, he was very efficient in explaining webdev to total newbies. I feel a lot more confident approaching WP to start my UI career.

Mike is an excellent trainer, with very natural flow and cadence. Despite a complex topic (WordPress), the slides were the perfect level of detail, even for the folks who were brand new to the subject. Looking forward to receiving additional training and learning materials.

Mike was fantastic! He’s incredibly knowledgeable and walked me through every step with patience and clarity. My website is professional, easy to manage and functions with ease. I’ll be calling and referring Mike for any of website needs! Thank you!

Mike has been a great help with our WordPress projects plus educating and training our team, teaching us how to use the technology.

Mike taught me (someone who hadn’t even heard about the software before this) about navigating through WordPress, through a workshop. Considering that it lasted for about an hour, I learnt so much more than I expected to and the way that the information was conveyed – made it feel effortless to learn about them. He is kind and professional and answered any questions or doubts clearly and with patience.

Very up to date and stylish graphic/web design. As a yoga teacher, I found his graphic work and edits to be incredibly useful for advertising, clean and artistic. Amazing work, as well as communication, every step of the way. I am easily made timid by professionals in design and programming stuff, but Mike makes it easy for me to have the website of my dreams and feel confident about managing it.

Mike Battaglia is an excellent developer and has done terrific work for us! We are so thrilled to have finally found Mike after a couple of previous experiences that were less than satisfactory with other developers. Mike was able to accomplish changes to our existing website which utilized WordPress and WooCommerce that other developers told us couldn’t be done. Mike’s prices are very reasonable, he gets the work done promptly, is extremely professional and pleasant to work with, and actually TESTS his work before telling us it is completed… a real novelty these days. We can’t recommend Mike Battaglia enough. If you’re in search of someone to design a website that looks sharp, works seamlessly and flawlessly, and is a pleasure to deal with, look no further. Hire Mike.

Extremely knowledgeable with a talent for clear explanation. A fantastic instructor and resource!

Mike is a nice guy, intelligent and really knows what he’s doing. Thanks, Mike!

What a helpful, articulate, and knowledgeable teacher! Thank you for all that you do.