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A People-Centered Approach to Web Design and Development

By guiding my clients through the web design and development process, and educating my clients on how to use, edit, and maintain their websites, I deliver digital solutions that help business owners achieve their goals.

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My Services


Website Design

The purpose of this phase is to prep for everything that comes in the Web Development phase. Together, we’ll get clear about your goals and vision, evaluate your virtual brand kit, map out your site’s pages and features, and lay the foundation with your domain name and hosting.

In-Depth Consultation

Can you save time and money by using off-the-shelf products, or do you need a premium theme and customized plugins? Let’s talk about your goals, assess your needs, and determine which solutions are best for you and your business.

branding: Colors, Fonts and Graphics

If you don’t already have these things, we can collaborate to ensure you that you have everything you need to build a commanding online presence.

Hosting and Server Configuration

We can secure your domain name, set up your hosting, and connect your personalized email address like mike@mikebattaglia.com with Google, Microsoft Office, or even Webmail (if you’re feeling old school).


Website Development

In this phase, we’ll build the pages of your website and get ready to put your website to work by adding functions such as user registrations, email opt-ins, ecommerce transactions, plus automation and third-party integrations (like social media) if needed. Once we’re done, you’ll be ready to launch!

Build From Scratch

Install WordPress and lay the foundation for the pages and content of your website based on the parameters set in our in-depth consultation.

Theme and Plugins

Install and customize the theme of your website using your branded colors, fonts, and logos, and configure plugins to make your website function as great as it looks.

Performance, Security, and Maintenance

Leverage structured data for SEO, web-application firewalls for security, content delivery networks for speed, and professionally managed updates to ensure high performance 24/7/365.

Featured Work and Testimonials

Testimonial From InnerSpark

InnerSpark Logo


Wow… where to begin?! Over the years, in a variety of situations and settings, I’ve worked with several website developers and designers. Unfortunately, the majority of those engagements were disappointing, to say the least… From a lack of professionalism to minimal communication, a lack of necessary skills to poor innovation and creativity, I just felt like I had settled with past “professionals.” Mike consistently blows any expectations or visions I had out of the water – every single time. His amazing and thorough communication along every step of the way, his ability to educate and work with his clients to help them articulate and actualize their visions (rather than talking at them and telling them what they need/want), his problem-solving and innovative solutions, his dedication to excellence and service make him the greatest professionals I’ve ever known. He’s truly a leader in his field. Whether you’re starting from scratch, revamping an existing site, or just in need of some counsel before moving forward, seriously, Mike is your guy. Do yourself a favor and get in touch with him like yesterday.

Devon B.

eCommerce and Graphic Design


Using WooCommerce, I’ve empowered innerspark.life to sell physical products and subscription based memberships with recurring billing.

I also created custom graphics to seasonally illustrate the motif of her teachings throughout the year.


Testimonial From Embrace Creatives


After working with three developers over a five-year span, I am beyond grateful to have found Mike. He is everything I look for in a collaborator; professional, timely, courteous, imaginative, curious, intelligent, forward-thinking yet with a sense of humor. While the other developers I’ve used were only concerned with completing the task at hand and didn’t ask a lot of questions, Mike thinks of the future and growth of my website and plans for it. If I had my druthers, when my business scales up and I’m able to hire full-time staff, selfishly I’d want him on my team, permanently. That’s how happy I am with; his development capabilities; his ability to discern where issues are coming from and fix them quickly; the network he can pull from if outside help is needed; his organizational methods; and plugin knowledge, etc… I would recommend to anyone building a small or large website (like mine) to interview and hire Mike Battaglia – but only if you want superior service and a respectful business relationship.

Andrea B.

Plugin and Theme Customization


Meeting the unique challenges of embracecreatives.com has given me the chance to supervise and manage a team of specialists to deliver on this project’s hyper-specific requirements. 

Testimonial From Constructis

constructis logo


Mike is very competent. The area that really stands out is he is proactive. He regularly keeps Constructis posted on security related issues and other relevant topics as well as enabling new features/functionality.

Rich H.

Website From Scratch


Creating constructis.net was an exciting project that required setting up a new hosting environment, migrating a dozen employee email accounts from one domain to another with zero down-time, integrating with Microsoft O365, Google Analytics and other SaaS providers, as well as building the entire website (plus employee intranet) from the ground up.

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About Me

Born geek. Proud veteran. Horrible gardener.

My relationship with technology started when I was a kid in the 90’s, firing up the A drive to load games from floppy disks (Lemmings anyone?). Exploring DOS was as fun for me as playing the actual games, and I’ve been fascinated with technology ever since.

My love of tinkering led me to enlist in the US Navy as an Electronics Technician, working on the most advanced navigation and communication systems in the world. There, I learned the importance of accountability, communication, dedication, and leadership. In a word, professionalism.

Nowadays, my work consists of marrying my love of technology with my professional skills to help others achieve their goals through web design and development. When I’m not working or studying new programming languages, I’m either adventuring with my partner, watching movies on rainy days, or trying (and failing) to grow an organic vegetable garden.

My Blog / Podcast / Newsletter

My Blog

In my blog, I’m posting industry insights, tutorials, links to awesome (often free) resources, and sometimes even an opinion or two.

Latest Blog Article:

My Podcast

My podcast (Web Builders) serves to bring more humanity to the conversation around tech. The world wide web is more than a network of computers, servers, and connected devices; it’s a network of people, their intentions, and the efforts they’re making to change the world.

Web Builders is a tech podcast that’s not about tech, it’s about people, specifically the (non-techie) entrepreneurs striving for success as online business owners, and the talented (techie) web designers, developers, and other professionals who want to support their journey.

Latest Podcast Episode:

Ep.1 – Hello, World!

Introducing, Web Builders!This new podcast aims to fill a void that currently exists in the conversation between talented techies (web designers / developers / experts of all sorts) and the online business owners and entrepreneurs who need their services.When we talk...

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