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How do you observe #BlackHistoryMonth?

One good way to observe #BHM is to challenge yourself to learn one new thing about Black History, and share that thing with others.

Something I learned this month was that Fredrick Douglas celebrated his birthday on Valentine’s Day, which is part of the reason why February was eventually chosen for Black History Month.

It’s important to note that, being born into slavery, Douglas didn’t actually know when he was born. The only documentation of his birth was a ledger kept by the enslaver which noted the birth in “Feb’y.”

There is something bitterly poignant about the fact that right in the center of Black History Month, the day that contains the reason for Black History Month, also contains an example of the erasure of Black History in the erasure of a piece of one Black man’s personal history, his birthday.

So what can we as individuals do to observe, preserve, and honor Black History? Learn, and share.

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